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No child left behind

Walang Iwanan, ...

2 lines about our stro

Our vision

All kids... must ... play is the ... of children's.
Our mission; using this fabulous sport A key to dev se connaitre et aimer l'autre et d'atteindre la paix. 

Our mission




children positively impacted

of our beneficiaries are girls

Of our ... 

For us, Youth Empowerment  is defined as helping youth

SipaG enroll in school.png

Enroll in school

SipaG pursue education.png

Further education opportunities

SipaG securing job.png

Secure sustainable employment

SipaG Social entrepreneurship.png

Participate in social entrepreneurship

SipaG impact communities.png

Lead change in their communities

SipaG dream.png

Achieve their dreams, goals, and ambitions

1 program

3 provinces

3 adaptations

Metro Manila

15 communities
65 children

Liga Gawad Kalinga .JPG

Lack of space, use futsal as a tool.
Develop motricity.. technical skills.


... boys and grils play entered as scholars at Kaya FC, club in the Philippines. 

Untitled design-3.png


15 communities
65 children


15 communities
65 children

AFC Village.JPG

In Northern Panay Island, isolated, develop football - planting.  


Conflict resolution SipaG Academy.jpg

Deeply affected by the civil war, thousands of children are growing up in the ... of a conflict zone. 

SipaG uses football as a tool to bring peace. As a symbol, our football pitch is built on a former battle field... 



Global Impact

AFC Village.JPG

Our hope stories

We are always glad to welcome new volonteers who want to get involved on the ground or ...

All talents are welcome (football coaches).
To support our team on the ground in Metro Manila, Capiz, or Mindanao.

Metro Manila

We support the development of ... kids across the country. 

Program based 
(différentes briques)

14 communities
36 children
Lack of space, use principally futsal as a way to...
... children have are as Kaya, in the Philippines. 

Sipag Acadmy is led by 80% volunteer. who have benefit from the program and are coaching, mentoring kids. 


14 communities
36 children

Lack of space, use principally futsal as a way to...
... children have are as Kaya, in the Philippines. 


SipaG Academy makes it easy to donate, with your credit card or Paypal account. 
Select the project you want to support.

100% of the amount received is directly assigned to the development of the project - no administration or is.... 

If you identify in SipaG's values and to reach more children and more impact.

Please contact Marlyn Importante

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

We truly believe that families a key role.
A football program to develop children is good. 
Empowering the child's family is essential to make positively durably a global impact on a community. 

Since the beginning, we work hand by hand with Gawad Kalinga, NGO of in the Philippines that restaured dignity for 1 million families providing homes, extreme poverty. land. colorful houses

SipaG as a complementary ... 

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