Our Projects


SipaG Academy

SipaG Academy.png

The SipaG Academy is a youth development centre that will be built within a 6 hectare forested area in Laguna (1.5 hours outside of Manila). The Academy will serve as a manufacturing and headquarters for GK's social enterprise PÁG-ON, as well as have a dormitory and training centre for developing outstanding youth leaders of the SipaG program. The Academy will also serve as a centre for sports and eco tourism where a camping resort will be built next to the facility. Football activities and events can also be hosted in the facility.

Liga GK

 Liga GK is a community development street futsal league where officials, organizers, and coaches are GK youth who are given responsibilities to manage and lead the competition and their community teams. 


Liga GK  has a these key objectives -  girls must be fielded in all games and teams must perform regular community service. 


Teams who conduct activities that bring about a social good and benefit to their communities such as recycling, feeding, life skills seminars, and academic tutorials are given extra points in the league.


AFC Village

AFC VIllage.png

In 2013, super Typhoon Haiyan struck the central Philippines, affecting around 5.9 million children and resulting in over 6,000 casualties. 


Developed in  partnership with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the AFC Village is the SipaG program's response to providing sustainable shelter to affected families as well as a positive activity for their children through football. 


The village has over 200 homes built around a mini-football pitch that hosts free play and courses that train the local community coaches on how to deliver social impact programs through football.


Founded in 2018, PÁG-ON is a social enterprise that aims to make sporting equipment such as shinguards out of sustainable material like bamboo and up-cycled rubber.  PÁG-ON was initiated to help provide funding support and livelihood opportunities to not only members of the SipaG program, but to other groups who are using sports for social impact.  The social enterprise aims to strengthen communities through sports, livelihood/enterprise development, and environmental protection. PÁG-ON will be headquartered at the upcoming SipaG Academy.




SipaG-ASA is our program for addressing peace, conflict, and other social issues prevalent in conflict areas on the island region of Mindanao.  We use football as a tool to bridge understanding between the children and parents of rival groups in the region, as well as provide opportunities for girls to play and develop through sports.

Europe Trips

Since 2017, GK sends outstanding youth leaders who exhibit high potential both on and off the pitch, to immersion trips in Europe to experience European  culture and football programs.  Past trips have seen the children visit the FIFA Headquarters in Switzerland, FC Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, Olympique Lyon in Lyon, France, and several other cities across France.  The youth visit local schools, exchange ideas, compete in local football tournaments and return to the Philippines with a wider appreciation and understanding of the world outside of their communities.


GK Field of Dreams

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The GK Field of Dreams is a project initiated in GK Paradise Heights where Gawad Kalinga together with JCI Manila developed a sports centre out from a garbage dumpsite.  The centre has a football and baseball field that runs sports programs for the less fortunate youth in the area, many of whom are scavengers who were either drug users, gang members or out of school youth.  The Field of Dreams also has a livelihood program where mothers of the players make bags and giveaways out of recycled materials.

Liga Eskwela

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We promote futsal and sports development programs  in public schools by supporting The Henry V. Moran Foundation's (Moran Foundation) Liga Eskwela Program.  Through our GK communities and youth leaders, we help strengthen the futsal and sports programs in public schools where teachers in the Department of Education are trained by our coaches and leaders to deliver futsal and social impact programs.  As of 2019, the Liga Eskwela Futsal works with over 300 public schools across all 16 school divisions and cities across Metro Manila. The program will soon expand to other regions in the country.