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Europe Tour 2017

Gawad Kalinga SipaG Hazebrouck Internati

In May 2017, we were able to send 12 SipaG players (4 girls, 8 boys) for a football tour in Europe, thanks to the partnership of Gawad Kalinga Europe, Air France KLM and more than 10 organizations that welcomed and hosted us.


This first Europe tour was a wonderful opportunities for our children to discover new football cultures, meet and share life of European families and for our coaches to develop their skills sharing and discovering good practices from professional academies. 

The 12 players, aged from 9 to 13 years old were selected among the 16 Gawad Kalinga villages SipaG is implemented in.

GK SipaG FC Barcelona.jpg

Many thanks and gratefulness to the clubs and orgnizations that welcomed and hosted us during our tour:

FIFA, O. Lyonnais, RC Lens, F2L, ASC Hazebrouck, AS Dirinon, CS Bellegard, US La Roche Maurice


GK SipaG RC LENS.jpg

France Tour 2018

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Tour France 2018 Gawad Kalinga SipaG.png
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