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The SipaG program strives to develop the youth into responsible leaders through sports within Gawad Kalinga's (GK) 3,000 communities and partner footballing communities.


Through football we motivate and inspire underprivileged children to enroll in school, improve their grades, and attend values formation sessions contributing to the GK mission to end poverty in the Philippines. Youth leadership is foundation in transforming marginalized children into productive members of society

Youth leadership

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We empower our youth leaders through sports and mentorship by allowing them to implement a grassroots program in their communities and sometimes commissioned to train public schools and other footballing communities. This program helps promote child rights awareness, gender equity and equality, and also develops the critical life skills needed to pursue further education and gain a sustainable livelihood.

Our Social Impact

Beyond grassroots and youth leadership we also work closely with Coaches Across Continents (CAC), the global leaders in sports for social impact. We provide CAC social impact coaches training for local teachers, communities and coaches. We  show them how sports can be used in so much more than competition and discipline especially in conflict areas.

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Our hope stories

The impact of the sports program for the kids is more than just receiving  medals and trophies. It gives them the chance  to learn, develop and have fun. It also provides the opportunity for our youth leaders as young as 15 to practice teamwork, responsibility, integrity, humility and leadership as coaches, tournament officials  and referees.

Princess is a 13 year-old girl born who joined the program in 2014.
Showing great involvement, embodying GK's values and getting self-confidence, her hard work has been awarded. 
In 2017, she was selected for FC Barcelona Escola's training camp, where she got the ALL STAR Award; attributed to the player that best displays FCB Way qualities on and off the pitch.
This May 2018, she got a scholarship for the prestigious  International School Manila.
Her Dream? Studying in Harvard so as to become an engineer!

After participating to the program, Chester started, at the age of 15, coaching a youth GK SipaG team. One year later he got his AFC C-Licensed Coach.
Today, he is a Coaches Across Continents (CAC) Social Impact Coach, Kaya grassroots academy coach  and full-time Gawad Kalinga coach,
 His dreams? Becoming a National Team coach, travelling to other countries to learn from  talented coaches & that GK SipaG grows so as to help more and more kids

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