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Covid-19 / Expanding Soup Kitchen

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We have come to the point of no return about being agents of sharing and caring, and marvel at the overwhelming support in what we are doing and busy about while we all stay away from infection. One of the remarkable things happening during this quarantine period is the opening of hearts of people concerned with the welfare of others even if they themselves are in need. Selflessness is imbued in their consciousness. Since football/futsal training had been relegated in the background by Covid-19, kids were confined to their homes. Just to be sure that our Sipag kids still have nutritious meals from time to time, we decided to start a soup kitchen for them featuring macaroni sopas or champorado or lugaw, depending on their need or want. That we did with the little kids of GK SipaG, a special treat for its patronizing young players during this pandemic. And so on periodic instances, there will be "sopas" for the hungry "bulilit" stomachs.

When the soup kitchen was conceived, we had in mind only for a cross section of the kids who train under SipaG as funds are limited. However, we simply cannot close our eyes when there are other kids around our own, whose domestic situation is financially challenged, who just need a delicious, hot meal, albeit not regularly, to pass off this quarantine period. So, we cooked more so at least a greater number can enjoy the blessings of nutritious sopas. After all, they are all playmates within or without the GK villages. We appreciate so much the drive of our sponsors and frontliners to push the SipaG soup kitchen to far-flung GK sites. To them and to the kids who belong to the youth programs of GK, we extend our soup kitchen as our small means of remembering and thanking the KBs who have not wavered their steps nor waived the GK way in their lives no matter how difficult the path may be.

What can one act of kindness do? It can generate another act of kindness, and another, and another. This is what we are trying to show in these difficult times. Regardless of status in life, one can do something good for another. This Covid season has made us realize our own vulnerability as human beings, and has made us recognize our own capacity as humane beings. We cannot close our eyes and confine ourselves in the context only of our sports program. Even a bowl of hot soup can do wonders. What can a bowl of hot soup do? Well, it can feed one hungry child for the moment. But why settle for only one when we can have a cauldron? The more kids catered to savoring hot and tasty soup, the merrier! Good while supplies last. To the hungry, it is like manna from heaven. The smiles across their faces and twinkle in their eyes were written all the thanks to them, our anonymous sponsors. The feeding drive has spread rays of hope and sunshine among its poorest members. Where do these come from? From hearts that never cease to care and share. Hearts that know no boundaries. Hearts that know no foe, seen or unseen. Therefore, we mustered enough courage to channel our energies and resources to address in our own little way the immediate needs of those who watch us in appreciation from a close distance whenever we take the kids to training - their neighbors. In these times of deprivation, many go hungry. We are just fortunate that we have a generous community. In this crisis, Filipinos offer a helping hand which had allowed us to extend our "pa-sopas" story - our simple contribution to mitigate hunger and ameliorate the plight of the young ones who are just at home during this period. What we wish to happen is for our bowl of soup to multiply to many longing stomachs. Some GK villages initiated their own soup kitchen without SipaG prodding them to. It is good to witness neighborhood parents take on the responsibility of preparing community-catered, home-cooked heartedly and freely shared meals and serving the same to their young ones. This is the essence of Kapitbahayan. It is nice to see and good to know neighborhood associations join hands within their constituencies to alleviate any hardship that comes with becoming “care-givers” in this fight against Covid-19.

When the lockdown started, SipaG tapped some GK Kapitbahayan parents to cater to neighborhood kids for meals to alleviate their hunger during and throughout the quarantine period. Thanks to the volunteer cooks for the delicious meals. Thank you to all who shared their supplies. We also credit our avid futsal supporter Amici Food Service c/o Daniel Moran for their continuous kind gestures, sponsor of around fourteen of our soup kitchens. SipaG soup kitchens happened during community quarantine times. Among those that benefitted from this are the following: GK SipaG Impasugong (Bukidnon) c/o Manuelito Toylo, AFC GK Village (Palo, Leyte) c/o John Henry Lago, GK Manggahan-Kawayanan (Parañaque) c/o Faustino Abejero Jr., GK Arkong Bato (Pasig) c/o Rodito Palma, GK Sison (Muntinlupa) c/o Carlo Calen, GK Paradise Heights (Manila) c/o Joseph Sarmiento, GK Dinginan (Capiz) c/o Maricel Baler, GK Tapaz (Capiz) c/o Glenn Mark Relano, GK Sitio Ruby (QC) c/o Susan and Ard Louie Perez, GK Tatalon (QC) c/o Aldrin Lufamia, GK Dreamland Village (San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan) c/o Catherine Morga and her GK Youth leaders Rowena More and Ruby Ann Royulada; and the Mandaluyong GK sites: GK Welfareville c/o Tirso Musa and Delia Estrella, Pinong-Sisang Bernardo GK Village c/o Julieta Nipas, GK Agri-Specialist c/o Leilanie De Torres, GK Concepcion c/o Analisa Teodosio and Charizma Lagrimas; GK 777, GK Sap-Canon & Cross International, GK Century Properties, GK Megaworld c/o Valerie and Zarah Mae Malatbalat.

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