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Covid-19 / Online training sessions

During lockdown in the Philippines due to covid, SipaG cancels its physical training sessions. But exercising remains key, especially in these conditions, to keep an a healthy mind in an healthy body! Our coaches keep going by organizing online training sessions for our SipaG kids.

As for instance, AFC C-License Coach Roy Lagrimas fights Covid-19 boredom by becoming productive and coming up with skills and drills training videos in Youtube for his young wards who are confined at home and who look up to him to still provide training tips that they can follow at home.

This is our way to permit our teams to physical exercise and continue their improvement even while on quarantine.

Some of his sessions are available on youtube:

1- Body faint and warmup exercise:

2- Goalkeeper training and chest workouts:

3- Basic turning drills:

Well done to our coaches Roy Lagrimas, Chester De Torres, Aldrin Lufamia and Zarah Mae Malatbalat, beneficiaries of GK SipaG when they were children, who became AFC license football and futsal coaches and can now give back to their communities what the learnt! “Walang iwanan, walang hawaan!”

Bonus training sessions are also made by Coach Michel Lenière, UEFA B football coach in France (Hazebrouck). An interesting way for our kids to discover new training methods, and for Filipino and French coaches to exchange and learn from one another!


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