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Covid-19 - No one left behind

During this period of lockdown, SipaG kids and their family have very limited access to groceries and can't work anymore, making it challenging to access to food and get at least one meal a day.

SipaG team started its actions in GK SipaG GK 777 the first Gawad Kalinga Village in Mandaluyong City, a place where most of the SipaG youth volunteers reside as well. When the lockdown started, "Malatbalat kitchen" catered to ten kids who received meals to alleviate their hunger during and throughout the quarantine period. In these times of deprivation, many are hungry. We are just fortunate that we have a generous community. In this crisis, Filipinos offer a helping hand which had allowed us to extend our "pa-sopas" story - our simple contribution to mitigate hunger and ameliorate the plight of the young ones who are just at home during this ECQ period.

What we wish to happen is for our bowl of soup to multiply to many longing stomachs. We may be facing tough times in the midst of myriad uncertainty, but one thing is sure - rays of hope can be seen even on empty streets. They shine to lighten these gloomy days. All these tough times will come to pass but the kindness shared with others will remain in our hearts. If you wish to help us in this mission, you can make a donation, that will fully be used to bring food to our children in need. Thank you to all our volunteers. Take care always.


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